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Chance meetings that grow into deep artistic relationships. Inspiring encounters in a time that forces us into separation and isolation time and time again. That is the theme of „I found someone“. About the wonder of the encounter, the amazement of getting to know each other – and about years of persistent collaboration and the emergence of the wonderful project NICOLÈME with their own texts and compositions.


As a jazz singer, Nicole Metzger can rely on a faithful community of fans. But now she enters uncharted territory, together with composer Eugene Moule. No more than 5 days after their first meeting in 2017, they recorded „How did you know“ – the beginning of a 5-year quest for a personal style, a distinctive blend of Soul and Pop. One can feel these years in the depth and intensity of the songs. Each one tells a personal story in an irresistibly emotional way. But Nicole Metzger's voice has in no way forgotten her roots in jazz, it is what brings warmth and soul into every song.


Further chance meetings during the time of COVID bring together Tommy Baldu (drums), Daniel Stelter (guitars), Ulf Kleiner (keyboards / piano / fender rhodes), Stefan Kahne (bass), Jens Loh (double bass) and Jens Biehl (drums) and sound engineer Patrick Tompert.


In July 2022, during a memorable session at Eugene’s studio in Le Montizon, they record the album, so that finally, after a long, intense journey, „I found someone“ can find a huge, enthusiastic audience.

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